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Star-trans Online Booking Software

Houseboat Reservation Specialists
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We understand the complexities of houseboat rentals. We won't tell you to think of your houseboat as a hotel room.
Star-trans is the houseboat rental friendly online reservation system created with you in mind.
Star-trans can be configured for houseboat rentals in many ways such as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday departures and multiple day rentals with different rates for each number of days. Damage deposit, liability waiver, and any other charges can be added to the reservation. These are just a few examples of common houseboat rental configurations. The possibilities are limitless.


Give your customers what they really want. Let them check availability and make their own reservations at their convenience, 24 hours a day, RIGHT FROM YOUR WEBSITE.

Star-trans is the Online Reservation Software that will give your company exceptional functionality without a big price tag. If you have a single line of inventory with standard pricing and availability rules, or multiple locations, multiple lines of inventory, and complex or non-standard pricing and availability rules, Star-trans can help you increase your bottom line.

If you rent, reserve, schedule, or sell inventory or services, Star-trans will help your customers do business ONLINE with you, RIGHT FROM YOUR WEBSITE.

Star-trans is "smart" enough to handle many kinds of pricing and availability rules. You give the instructions ... we provide the product.

We won't make you fit your inventory into standard booking rules. We show your company's inventory based on the rules that YOU define.

Star-trans systems are fully developed applications with a complete set of back-office programs to help you control your inventory and availability.

With our easy to use report generator, you can create simple to complicated reports from one screen, so you can keep in touch with your online revenue from anywhere in the world.

You pay for the software only when your customers do business with you. There are no upfront fees or hidden charges and no charge for email and phone support. There is no software to buy or install and no special equipment is needed.

Get the Star-trans Online Booking System and make it easy on yourself and your staff.

  • No software to buy or install.
  • Easy inventory and rate setup.
  • Easy daily reporting. Powerful and flexible management reporting.
  • Can be connected to your in-house system or used as your in-house system.
  • Call center support. Can be used by multiple agents simultaneously.
  • Free 24/7 support.
  • Pay only when your customers do business with you!

Are you ready to learn more about Star-trans and online reservations? We would love to help you let your customers do business with you right from your website. Give us a call at 1-800-476-4654 x701 if you have any questions or would like to discuss signing up with Star-trans. Or check out these pages for more information.

  • Check out our frequently asked questions and product information page: FAQs
  • Read an article in Marina Dockage Magazine about Online Reservations: Magazine Article
  • Try an Online Demo: Demo
  • Take a look at pricing: Pricing
  • Ready to start using Star-trans? Sign Up Now

Are you wondering if Star-trans Online Reservation Software can accommodate your inventory? Star-trans can rent, reserve, schedule or sell any kind of inventory as long as it knows the rules.

Even we don't know all of the kinds of transactions Star-trans is capable of processing, but here are some of the things that you and your customers can do online with Star-trans Online Booking linked to your website.

  • Reserve Rooms
  • Reserve Cabins
  • Rent or reserve a House
  • Reserve an Aqua Lodge
  • Reserve a Vehicle or RV
  • Reserve RV spaces or Campsites
  • Reserve a Campground Pavilion or Picnic Shelter
  • Reserve a Day Use Pass
  • Rent or reserve a Houseboat
  • Reserve a Charter or Party Boat
  • Rent or reserve a Pontoon Boat
  • Reserve a Yacht
  • Rent or reserve Kayaks, Canoes, Rafts, Tubes
  • Rent or reserve Power Boats, Ski Boats, Sporting Boats
  • Rent or reserve a Sailboat
  • Rent or reserve Personal Watercraft
  • Rent or reserve Water Skis and Water Toys
  • Reserve a Dinner Cruise
  • Reserve a Raft Trip
  • Rent a Slip
  • Rent Skis
  • Reserve a Tour - Jeep, Boat, Bus, Train ...
  • Rent a Snowmobile or Reserve a Snowmobile Tour
  • Rent an ATV or Reserve an ATV Tour
  • Rent a Bike or Reserve a Bike Tour
  • Reserve a Horseback Ride
  • Make an Appointment
  • Make a Doctor Appointment
  • Make a Dentist Appointment
  • Make a Nurse Appointment
  • Make a Lawyer Appointment
  • Make a Restaurant Reservation
  • Make a Beauty Salon Appointment
  • Make a Nail Salon Appointment
  • Make a Spa Appointment
  • Make a Massage Appointment
  • Make a Golf Tee Time Reservation
  • Make an Auto Maintenance Appointment
  • Make an Appointment With a Sales Agent
  • Make an Assistant Appointment
  • Make an Associate Appointment
  • Reserve a Ride
  • Sign up for Camp
  • Register for School
  • Enroll in a Class
  • Schedule an Event
  • Schedule Services
  • Schedule Equipment
  • Schedule an Event Location
  • Schedule Food for an Event
  • Reserve a Meeting Room
  • Reserve Equipment for a Meeting
  • Reserve Food for a Meeting
  • Reserve Wedding Equipment
  • Reserve Food for a Wedding
  • Attend an Event
  • Add an Optional charge to a reservation
  • Add fees to a reservation - damage deposit, liability waiver, reservation fee, entrance fee, usage fee ...
  • Add a Note to a reservation
  • Add Information to a reservation
  • Record an Itinerary Item
  • Request Information



Customized to match your company website.
Star-trans - Intelligent Transaction Processing - Online Reservation Solutions
Show customers a month of availability on one screen.

Customers Love Star-trans
  • Reserving is fast and easy
  • Rent, Reserve, Schedule, or Sell all of your inventory on one screen
  • Show a month of availability on one screen
  • Reserve or schedule by the Day, Night, Week, Hour, Minute ...
  • Attach deposits, fees, and other charges easily
  • Apply complex or non-standard pricing and availability rules
  • Customized to match your company website

Who Can Benefit From Star-trans Online Booking?
  • Marinas:
    • Houseboat rentals and reservations
    • Pontoon boat rentals and reservations
    • Small boat rentals and reservations
    • Personal watercraft rentals and reservations
    • Water equipment and water toy rentals
    • Boat tour, dinner cruise reservations
    • Slip reservations
  • Resorts, Hotels, Inns, Lodges, B & Bs, Cabins:
    • Room reservations
    • Spa, Salon reservations
    • Golf tee time reservations
    • Meeting room reservations
    • Meeting equipment rentals
  • Tour Operators:
    • RV, Jeep, ATV, Bus, Train, Hiking, Walking
  • Campgrounds and Parks:
    • Campsite reservations
    • Park pavillion or picnic shelter reservations
    • Day use passes
  • Event Managers:
    • Event scheduling
    • Event personnel scheduling
    • Event equipment scheduling
  • And many more ...
    If you don't see your company type here, check out our 'Things you can let your customers do with Star-trans list' or contact us to discuss your needs.

Get Started With Star-trans And Watch Your Profits Grow
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